The Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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Attack on Pearl Harbor

If any American is asked what comes to mind when the date December 7, 1971 coms up, the first and only thing that comes to mind is the attack on Pearl Harbor. America will never forget this event. On the this Sunday morning 361 planes launched from six Japanese aircraft carriers and delivered a surprise attack on America’s naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Arguily the most memorable day in US’s history. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and within hours America was deeply involved in WW1, both in the Pacific against Japan and in Europe against Japan’s ally, Germany. The world would never be the same (BGE). This brings many Americans to ask themselves, why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? Japan attacked Pearl Harbor due to the US trying to stop Japan from achieving it’s new order, the US’s embargo of oil and aircrafts with Japan, and the strength of America’s future fleet.

The underlying cause of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor against the US was the fact that the US was trying to stop Japan from it’s new order. Japan believed the old order or the old power which was America, Britain, and France were crumbling as rulers. They believe they are the new order and should be the new power of the world (Doc A). According to the map on Document B Japan’s new order starts with controlling East Asia, they started with the invasion and the takeover of Manchuria in 1932. Five years later Japan invades China (Doc B) which the US does not welcome and tells Japan…

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