Essay about The Attack Of Pearl Harbor

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During World War II, countries were in a race against time to improve technology and war strategies. The race for new innovations all started after Pearl Harbor, and America entered the war. Germans and Americans were preparing for battle with many different new technologies and war strategies. The attack of Pearl Harbor all started because the United States was unhappy with Japan’s attitude towards China. Japan wanted to take over Chinese territory and import market. In 1973, Japan declared war on China. Unhappy American officials put economic sanctions and trade embargos on Japan. American officials never thought Japan would start war on U.S. territory. It would be inconvient, and American officials were confident if there was an attack it would take place near European colonies in the South Pacific. The naval bases at Pearl Harbor were basically undefended. Japan’s plan was to destroy the Pacific Fleet, that way Americans couldn’t fight back Japan’s armed forces as they spread to the South Pacific. At 8 a.m. December 7th, bombs and bullets from Japanese planes rained into Pearl Harbor. On the USS Arizona, a 1,800 pound bomb smashed through the deck and hit the ammunition storage. “USS Arizona exploded and sank with more than 1,000 men trapped inside” ( Staff). Next, torpedoes hit the battleship, USS Oklahoma. With 400 sailors on onboard, the USS Oklahoma flipped and sank. However, the Japanese failed to destroy the Pacific Fleet because all…

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