The Atomic Bomb Is The Most Deadly Weapon Essay

1397 Words Dec 18th, 2015 6 Pages
We all have heard of the atomic bomb, but we never experienced what would happen when detonated. Would we survive or would we all face a deadly fate? The atomic bomb is the most deadly weapon in the world. Many countries have atomic and nuclear bombs. Including China, France, Israel, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States. Nuclear weapons are spreading to other nations and international relations are becoming increasingly violate. In my work I will discuss the history of the bomb, from the dropping on Nagasaki to the testing and creation of it. The second thing I will discuss is what would happen if the bomb was dropped in the United States today. The ground zero to the fallout of the human race in a general area. The last thing I will discuss is how to survive and live in a radiation pandemic. First there is the history of the bomb. The process of making the bomb took time and a stable environment. The atomic bomb used uranium as the central ore. The atom can be smashed to release powerful amounts of energy called fission that would cause the atomic bomb to explode at a massive rate. The bombs atoms are consisted of a small dense nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons. Despite the bombs powerful explosion it stature is quite small. Some bombs are made out of plutonium core or uranium core. Steps were taken then to insure a giant supply of this mineral. Over two billion dollars was put into the creation of the atomic bomb. They created secret towns, such as…

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