Persuasive Essay: Should We Use Atomic Bombs?

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Imagine loud crashes and destruction all happening in a single second, causing your world to blur in one moment, did you know before that you were about to suffer the worst of all types of pain? The lives of your family were beyond what you could do, they laid motionless and few ashes remain of a few people. That’s how many innocent lives would live today if we had never taken these Atomic bombs seriously. Atomic bombs have been created but only legalized in wars because they are so dangerous to all people, one mistake, and BOOM. Scientists should not continue to test and create atomic bombs because of the lack of safety, the many lives that could be spared, and the results that lay of the bomb.
When we create these deadly bombs, we are not always careful about handling, putting parts together, all of these small mistakes can
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For example, “Hundreds of thousands of civilians with no democratic rights to oppose their militarist government, including women and children, were vaporized, turned into charred blobs of carbon, horrifically burned, buried in rubble speared by flying debris, and saturated with radium.” (Barnes). Many can take from this that many innocent and peaceful lives were destroyed because of an accusation against the other country. THose are people who didn't want to get involved with war. During much of World War two, many were struck by a similar bomb as well. For instance, ¨Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, killing 210,000 people- children, women, and men,¨ (Louis). This explains how the impact of this bomb had created much damage to large amounts of the population that did not want to get involved in this harsh war. The Atomic bomb wasn't only just about the damage to the people, it was also about the damage on the impact to the living nature as

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