Hiroshima Bombing Vs Atomic Bombing Persuasive Essay

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In mankind's history there has always been conflict over what land was who’s or what rights people had, but there were two conflicts that stood out. The Holocaust had methods of mass killing, had a theory behind the action, and there was aftermath. Hiroshima was different in the reasons for their actions, there method of mass killing, and the aftermath that was left after Hiroshima.

Paragraph one- First, in the war at Hiroshima and in the Holocaust there were reasons behind the actions that took place. The Nazis which controlled the Holocaust based their ideas on the thought that they were the superior race. The idea is supported when an article says “It was a racial war based on the theory that one race is superior to others ….”(Leapman pg 2) which shows that the real reason the war started is because the Nazis thought they were the superior race. In contrast Hiroshimas atomic bombing was based on the fact that the United States wanted Japan to surrender but they wouldn’t. This is proven when the Yep said “The atomic bomb was so terrible that the United States hopes it will make Japan stop fighting” on page 391. What Yep stated showed that the United States just wanted to end the war, and they hoped
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If it was like the Holocaust where they thought they were better than everyone, the master race; or like Hiroshima where they wanted to end the war. Also, there were methods of their mass killings. The Nazis in the Holocaust used gas chambers and Hiroshima was just one bomb as powerful as 20,000 sticks of dynamite. Finally, there was major amounts of aftermath and deaths. The Holocaust killed about 11 million people and Hiroshima killed 125,000 people in the first day. Also, out of 76,327 buildings over 50,000 were destroyed. Likewise their environment was affected because the animals and plants were polluted by the

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