The Assessment Of The Virtual Classroom Assignments Essay

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The assessment practices in the virtual K-12 classroom
In the virtual world, assessment is an essential element to improve student learning. The virtual classroom assignments are designed and implemented in the curriculum based on the thoughtful collaboration among instructional designers, online teachers, and government officials (Natale, 2011). However, it is highly important to remember that assessment in the virtual classroom “begins not with creating or implementing tests, assignments, or other assessment tools but by first deciding…what you want your students to learn” (Suskie, 2004, as cited in McConnell, 2012, p. 19). It is evident that online students experience testing in a different way. First of all, they do most of the tests online alone in the comfort of their own places, so that it becomes an individual experience with the peer pressure being removed. Secondly, the high stakes tests (state testing) still require them to attend testing centres physically on a particular day, place and at a certain time, especially, when virtual K-12 schools must adhere to the same standards as brick and mortar ones (Natale, 2011).
The fundamental purpose of assessment in the virtual K-12 classroom is to explicitly analyse how students learn, what learning goals students achieve, and whether they are ready to go on to the next grade. Therefore, assessment of students’ academic performance plays a critical part in “both fostering learning and the certification of students”…

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