The Assassination Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Of Austria

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In 1914 tensions began to grow in Europe. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by a group of Serbians developed into the Great War, also known as World War 1. Europe became divided into coalitions; France, England, Russia, and Italy became known as the Allied Powers while the Central Powers consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria, each country supporting their allies in an effort to combat the opposing side. Amidst the chaos in Europe, the United States was able to keep neutral under the Woodrow Wilson presidency. By the second term the Great War had accelerated and the nation was forced to enter. Americans were split between whether it was a good decision or a bad idea that would only bring financial problems and the loss of American lives. Upon reading Wilson’s war message, I believe his intentions for participating in the war were to provide national protection and ironically promote peace. Since the war was in session, the use of weapons, food, and supplies to aid soldiers was vital for the participating countries. Keeping this in mind, England implemented a blockade against Germany which prevented other countries to ship goods to Germany with the motive to hurt their economy. Similarly, a few years later Germany imposed a blockade to forbid weapons from being shipped to England; bombing any ship that disobeys this policy. After seeing how the war overseas began to escalate,

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