The Aspects Of Sexual Harassment In Today's Society

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With the amount of diversity in the occupations we have in today’s society, may it be by race, gender, or religion the roles of female or male have almost become extinct. Our genders no longer define what roles we take in a profession, it all comes down to experience, knowledge and educational background. Most major companies won’t even hire anyone without a good resume, as well as a college degree. Even though we as a society have grown with being equal in gender which that in itself took several decades to even happen, it does not stop from one being sexually harassed regardless if it is a male or female. Everyone can view sexual harassment in a different way, it comes down to perception, and this is how someone perceives the situation that …show more content…
Two male assistant managers were working at a grocery store, one of the males spoke out and said that a female coworker was committing unwanted sexual sayings towards him. When asked why he quit his job he stated that she continued with her sexual advances, rubbing her body against his, along with showing him parts of her undergarments that he did not want to see. Even when told his supervisor, they failed to act on his allegations. The only option he was left with was to find another occupation. His other male coworker that got hired around the same time as him, stated that he as well was enduring unwanted sexual advancements. His claims stated, the female coworker keep saying obscurities, telling everyone that they were in an intimate relationship as well as showing parts of her body while at work. The young man then brought the allegation back to his supervisor after finding that his male coworker had quit for the same reason, his supervisor then suspended him. After trying to follow the correct procedures he was then fired by the company. The company stated the he was acting unprofessionally. This is a prime example on why a lot of males are scared to report a claim of sexual harassment, because the fear of reprisal and or failure to believe the complaints or follow the proper

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