The Artist And Sustainability For American Arts Organizations

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The Artist and Sustainability in American Arts Organizations
Multiple facets facilitate the success of arts organizations; two of those facets are the artist and sine qua non of sustainability. To grasp the importance of artists and the sustainability of arts organizations, the significant contribution of arts to society must first be established. Robert L. Lynch (2015) highlights the arts as a catalyst of bringing people together, whom might otherwise not interact, to build stronger communities through connection. Human connection and understanding are essential to forward a community, a country. Arts organizations are unique in that they nurture the careers of those who produce art, who in turn offer historical perspective as a reflection of individual, yet united communities. This paper explores both the current role of artists and sustainable processes and proposes discussion of how the two elevate each other in mutual goal to achieve relevancy. Recognition of possible issues are the complexity of the artist’s role and its strain on the artist as well as the challenges of change for arts organizations to attain sustainability.
Literature Review
The Role of the Artist in Arts Organizations The role of the artist is transformational. Markusen, Gilmore, Johnson, Levi, and Martinez (2006) conducted a regional study in the Los Angeles and Bay area of California that examined the life of an artist as a crossover role. The study surveyed nearly 1800 artists, compliments of 80…

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