The Articles Of Confederation Rule Essay

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The Articles of Confederation granted significantly less power to the federal government and reinforced a system of strong state governments, resulting in a country divided amongst itself but united by name. The Constitution hailed more federal rights and created a strong centralized federal government while establishing state governments that dealt with less critical issues and more local laws. Under the weak nation formed by the Articles of Confederation states would always argue and never get anything done, there were ongoing disputes over western boundary’s, inflation was problematic because there was no federal power over taxation or currency, and the federal government could enforce nothing because they had no army. A nation where states hold all the power is comparable to an alliance of many nations, this was the equivalence of the Articles of Confederation, all states only looking out for themselves and not the nation as a whole. The Constitution offered to solve many of these issues by instating a strong national government that would have supreme power over all states and citizens, whereas states would hold representation in the federal government but otherwise just govern their citizens on local issues the federal government didn 't address. The Constitution was oriented around popular sovereignty, federalism, republicanism, separation of powers, checks and balances, limited government, and individual rights. The constitution guaranteed rule by the people of their…

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