The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution Essay examples

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When the United States had just declared their independence, it was clear that governmental structure needed to be established. In 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, which all states would ratify by 1781. The Articles of Confederation would prove to be a weak constitution, giving too much power to the states and not having a strong enough central government. This realization led to several changes being made until a new framework was implemented. The Constitution established a better relationship between central and state governments, while making sure that no form of government would become too powerful. In addition, the guarantee and protection of citizen rights were also written into this new constitution. With this, the United States would become a stronger and more stable country after the end of the Articles of Confederation.

The Articles of Confederation wanted to prevent the central government from being too powerful but split the country even more with its government system. One of the major problems created from the fear of an overly powerful central government, was that the states had too much individual power. Article II of the Articles of Confederation stated that “each state remains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence,” causing many problems when it came to foreign affairs, defense, and commerce. With the amount of individual power each state had, it was as if it were several countries bordering each other. In…

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