The Article ' Of Living Color ' By Jana King Essay

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In the article “In Living Color” by Jana King some views on racism create an inequality on society. Nowadays, people are still thinking that racism is over, I disagree with them, because when I came to New York and I went to school nobody wanted to talk to me just because I could not speak English well. I understood that racism is still used in a way we think it is not racism. Also, there are people who treat colored people as hyphenated because they do not are like them. However, to resolve these problems several institutions have created an affirmative action to help people who suffer from discrimination. These three factors; racism, hyphenated people, and affirmative action have had a negative influence on people creating inequality to continue in society. First, racism is not over because people use it in a different way to avoid calling racism. According to Bill Maher “The new racism is the denial of racism” (Par.1). It means we are still using racism in a different way. When Clinton was elected president, people named him the first black president because he was born into a poor family and without a father even though he was white. In addition, Tracey Aquino in “The Games We Play: Inequality in the Pro-Sports Workplace” women athletes are fighting to get the same salary as the men get. Women athletes are upset because WNBA players male get more than $30,000 per year more than women. They do not understand why people treat them differently because they play the same…

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