The Article ' Learning Of The Drugstore ' By Frederick Douglass

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In this world, reading is the process to success.Learning to read or write during this period is a privilege but long time ago is unrighteous for a black person to learn to read. Around 1790 slave people could have not learn to read because they taught it was an act of freedom to them and they were afraid that they would stand up for themselves. In the article “Learning to red” by Frederick Douglass, He tells us how he learned how to read and write as a slave and the challenges he faces to accomplish his goals. Frederick was a slave for life, his mistress started to teach him how to read and write but something change. He was so determined to learn, didn’t give up, so he continued from learning from people and life.In the article “waiting in line at the drugstore” by James Thomas Jackson,He tell us how he discover success while waiting in a line. Jackson was a black boy that drop out of school during segregation, his love for reading was randomly when he went to a store. Therefore, Frederick and jackson was very similar because they both were eager to learn and they were both different cause the live in a different period of times.

Learning to read is the process to freedom .Frederick Douglass taught himself to read and write from his mistress, neighborhood children, the shipyard, and Mater Thomas’s copy book.Frederick most succeed way to learn words was getting his young white playmates to teach him in exchange for bread.Frederick mistress begins teaching him the…

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