The Art Of Survival In Life Of Pi, By Yann Martel

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The art of getting by according to Pi
Surviving in the desert is difficult but what about out in the middle of the ocean. Imagine a person all alone no one to talk to for half a year and the effects it would have on their judgement. Yann Martel is an inspirational author who understands the importance of surviving despite the odds not being in favour of the person. In his compelling novel Life of Pi, Martel demonstrates how grueling it can be to overcome the difficulties of survival, and how the difficulty of survival can make a person accomplish feats he may not have thought possible. Martel shows Pi conquering physical, mental and spiritual struggles in order to survive.
To being with, in his captivating novel Martel demonstrates how exhausting it can be to overcome the physical difficulties in order to survive, as well as the ability to come up with innovative ideas. Pi had been on the lifeboat for two days before he remembered that he had been on an actual lifeboat, and that it should have supplies for the survivors. Pi is literally “dying of thirst,” which makes him finally push his fear of Richard Parker aside and search the lifeboat for fresh water. He explains: “It was hard to crawl. I felt I was climbing the side of a volcano and I was about to look over the rim into a boiling cauldron of orange lava” (Martel 171). When Pi realized that there would be supplies on the boat he could have given up but
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Martel shows Pi conquering many physical, mental and spiritual struggles over the course of the book in order to survive. Pi demonstrates how survival can affect a person’s judgement, in this case for the better. Surviving in the middle of the ocean may seem impossible, but with keen instincts and creative ideas anything is

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