The Armenian Genocide By Michael Bobelian Essay

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The Armenian Genocide
“The fallout caused by denial was inherited by later generations of Armenians, linking them to the fateful days of 1915, and compelling them to set the record straight.” This was written by author Michael Bobelian, who wrote about not only the events of the Armenian genocide, but the continual denial of it that continues even today. Today, despite pressure from around the world, the Turkish Government still continues to deny the events that occurred against the Armenian people during world war 1, and today this refusal still affects not only the survivors of this massacre, but their ancestors Christians around the world.
The Armenian Genocide was a plot established by the leaders of the Ottoman Empire of the time, the Young Turks to expel and massacre the Christian Armenians from the Islamic Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was first settled by ethnic groups in Anatolia, lasting for over 600 hundred years, though was at the height of its power during the 15th and 16th centuries. It spanned from most of south Eastern Europe, including Greece and Ukraine, and much of the Middle East, as well as the Arabian Peninsula. Armenia was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire during the 15th century, and was the homeland of the descendants of Indo-Europeans, known as Armenians, who had lived there independently for 3000 years. Primarily a Christian state, this was the basis of the ethnic discrimination they suffered from the Turks. Notably, in the many years leading…

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