The Argument For Job Performance Essay

1593 Words Nov 14th, 2015 null Page
Even when men and women are hired for certain jobs it is just so the company does not look like they are discriminating against anyone. Just because they are hired on does not mean that the company ever had intentions on keeping them. There are many legal ways to get rid of people without making it look sexist. If the company has to do layoffs due to budget cuts there are no specific guidelines that they have to go by to determine who stays and who goes. Their reasoning can be due to job performance, last one in first one to go perspective, or just because someone had to go. Therefore the company would have a feasible explanation on why the job lacks men or why it lacks women. Also if a man or a woman can be discriminated against and not get a promotion that they may have applied for. If you have been doing outstanding work, received awards for excellent services, and yet a person who is not exactly qualified for the promotion gets it, then there is a chance that you are being discriminated against. Another way men and women can be discriminated against is by pay. Someone could have a higher education and has been working for the company longer than a recently hired employee and still receive less pay just because of their sex. For example if you are the top sales person of a job that runs by commission and you are comfortable in that area that you work in, but a person of the opposite sex gets hired and wants to be in your area. If the owner favors that sex over you…

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