The Argument Against The Stigma Of Mental Illness

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People who have mental illnesses deal with stigma every day of their lives. The stigma that comes with having a mental illness prevents a vast majority of people to integrate into society successfully. The stigma that comes with a mental illness is people believing that those who have a mental illness are dangerous and incapable of doing every say tasks that someone who has no mental illness could do. Americans with mental illnesses find it difficult to find jobs, and being with friends and family due to the stigma. The best way to keep from people making bold accusations for those with mental illnesses is to have people be educated on what mental illnesses are, and how they actually effect people. Stigma is an abstract construct that society …show more content…
Another reason why stigma is still rampant is the idea that many of those with mental illnesses are malingering. Stigma of mental illness stemmed from major religions believing that those who have mental illnesses are the embodiment of sin, this is also a cause to this mindset, as they believe that those with mental illnesses are, in fact, dangerous, and harmful to the people around them (Foerschner).
The majority of the time when someone is unsympathetic about the problems that other people are going through. The insensitivity that is correlated to stigma is due, in part, to a lack of education on the matter. Those who do not learn about how one truly act when having a mental illness are unwilling to become educated on the subject. They claim that since it is not affecting them, then they should not learn about
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The major religions equated the way that those with mental illnesses acted with being possessed, and filled with sin. This caused the people of mental illnesses to be seen as dangerous. In modern times those with a mental illness are still seen as harmful and unsteady. They are seen as people who could hurt someone, or themselves. Those who are uneducated on the subject of a mental illness, believe that if they do not tip toe around those with mental illnesses then they will be hurt. Although there are people in this world who believe that it is useless to educate their selves on the matter of mental illness. It should be said that a lack of education on any matter regarding the health of another person could cause a major stigma. There are many ways to become educated on the matter of mental illnesses. The internet is at one’s disposable at almost any given time. There are also many organizations, such as NAMI that help to educate people. The thought that people with mental illnesses are malingering can also be pin pointed down to a lack of knowledge on the matter. Although malingering a terrible thing, pretending to be someone with a mental illness is something that is not accepted. There are a select few of people who do this. Even so, it does not mean that all with mental illnesses are, in fact,

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