The Arctic Of A New Cold War Essay

2264 Words Oct 31st, 2016 10 Pages
For centuries the Arctic Ocean has been famed for its inaccessibility, but with unprecedented ice retreats in recent years as a result of global warming, the Arctic Ocean is becoming rapidly accessible. This means new possibilities for the Arctic countries in terms of trade, travel, and access resources. These recent changes in the topography have led many to portray the Arctic as a geopolitical race for natural resources and territory, with Russia seen as the main aggressor. Russia is depicted as a militarized and expansionist country trying to push its way into the Arctic aggressively to gain control of territory and therefore of energy resources like oil and gas. This paper will argue that this is not the case, the Arctic is not becoming a battleground in a new Cold War between Russia and the West; in fact, Russia’s Arctic policy emphasizes international cooperation and partnership. It should be mentioned that for this essay our understanding of the Cold War is that it was a period of limited cooperation. Theory is a powerful tool for breaking down and understanding the world around us, it provides us with a framework to perceive the events in the realm of politics. In this paper, we will look at the Arctic through the lenses of the liberalist, realist and neoliberals schools of thought in International Relations. The liberalist view argues that there is cooperation in the Arctic because the countries are interdependent. The realist view holds that power politics drives…

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