The Application Of Sustainable Practices At Chester Based Waste Management And Recycling Company Spirechem And How The Issues Of

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The application of sustainable practices throughout businesses has become an important issue that employers now face; increased demands from stakeholders such as consumers and investors, has led on to unprecedented investment in the implementation of sustainable manufacturing and business practices. (Coones, R. 2012) The benefits of pursuing sustainability throughout organisations has become clear and the risks from avoiding such issues has translated into a large concern for employers globally. (Hitchcock, D.E., & Willard, M. L. 2012)

The report will look in particular at Chester based waste management and recycling company Spirechem and how the issues of sustainability can affect the overall running of the business. Sustainable practices at Spirechem will be analysed, further leading on to recommendations as to how the business can improve as a sustainable business and progress further overall.

Aside from looking at how the issues of sustainability affect Spirechem and conducting recommendations, the report will proceed to evaluate the background of issue of sustainability as a whole and look in to how the issue has become a prime issue for businesses. The report will also focus on the perceived benefits from implementing sustainable practices on a wider scale alongside analysing how the avoidance of sustainability throughout organisations can lead on to various risks for employers.

The report will also briefly look upon the future of sustainability and…

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