The Application Of Education And Leadership As A Registered Nurse

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The Application of Education and Leadership as a Registered Nurse (RN) versus a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
Nurses across the board are held to certain expectations and standards in order to promote wellness, prevent illness, and provide quality care. However, with each nursing role comes a specific scope of practice and varying degrees of knowledge, competency, and leadership. When advancing from an LVN to an RN, one must be prepared to encounter some difficulty in transitioning. Although it is perceived that LVNs are able to do everything RNs can do, this assumption is naïve and wrong. When examining two standards of practice developed for RNs: education and leadership; it becomes evident that there is a distinct difference between the roles and expectations of RNs versus LVNs.
As an LVN one learned the basic knowledge and skills needed in order to perform tasks as a nurse. The Joint Nursing Practice Commission and Dumpel (2004) explain that LVNs are limited to only doing basic nursing skills set forth by their scope of practice. As an RN, however, one is building upon those basic necessities and expanding one’s ability to critically think and analyze the reason behind every task performed. Therefore, the role of an RN is to think outside the box and understand the fundamental meaning of nursing and all the components involved. Duncan and Depew (2011) explain this concept by stating:
The difference between the LPN (LVN) and the RN is the rationale for performing a…

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