The Importance Of Leadership In Nursing

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1. How are nurses leaders in health care? Leadership is the backbone of nursing profession. So, it is very important for every nurse to possess the leadership quality. “Leadership plays a pivotal role in the lives of nurses. It is an essential element for quality professional practice environment where nurses can provide quality nursing care” (Canadian Nurse Association, 2014). In clinical practice, it is common for nurses to perform leadership roles. For example, in most of the long term care facilities, it is usual to see an LPN as a team leader. They demonstrate ability to assign client care to the nursing team based on: client needs, level of care required, …show more content…
To deliver quality care to patients, it is mandatory for nurses to take leadership roles and engage in team work in health care facilities. 2. What qualities do nurse leaders possess? Give an example from clinical. I think that qualities that a nurse leader must have is the ability to take action, excellent communication skills, and sense of responsibility. Nurses demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics and attributes of an effective leader such as: ability to research answers, ability to take action, exemplary communication skills, high degree of competence, high integrity, ethical practice, honesty and respect for others, team player, positive attitude. They also demonstrate knowledge of the factors that affect the styles of leadership in an organization. Moreover, they demonstrate ability to assess and recognize own strengths and limitations as a leader. Furthermore, they demonstrate knowledge and ability to practice in a variety of leadership roles such as: team member, team leader, educator, and management and administration roles. They demonstrate ability to provide positive role …show more content…
During my shift, I always make sure that I know relevant information about my patients and take responsibility of their care. Communication is mandatory for leadership, and I do communicate with my primary nurse and instructor whenever it is necessary to do so. Confidence is quality that I am working on; I have definitely gained more confidence throughout this nursing program and especially during clinical placements. I think if I can be a little more confident, I can be a better leader. 4. How is leadership present in either the Duffy or King Nursing Frameworks? Caring relationship is the foundation of patient-nurse relationship. It only possible with caring relationship that a nurse will be able to make patients and their families to feel ‘care for’ and willing to share. All this will enable her to know the context, meaning of illness, values and beliefs, and preferences of the patients and their families (Duffy, 2005). “It is an evolving, developmental process that seeks to understand the unique perspective of patients/ families” (Duffy, 2005). Leadership is present in this model because to provide quality care to patients, a nurse should be confident, responsible, and knowledgeable about her actions in order to address the issues and concerns of the patients and their

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