The Application Of A Moon Colony On The Moon Essay

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Moon Colony
Authors and astronomers for a long time now have fantasied about the idea of a colony on the moon, and to be fair, who hasn’t? With all the recent advancements in space travel technology and with private companies, such as Space X, filling the void of an underfunded NASA, a moon colony seems to be on the horizon. However, there are a lot of dangers and problems that come with building a colony on the moon, so that brings the question, is it viable and safe to build a colony on the moon?
The warrant for creating a moon colony would be the wealth of economic and research opportunities it would provide the companies and the human race as a whole. Many of the useful technologies people use today hold an origin in the research and development done by NASA in the 1960’s during the height of the space race. Things such as anti-icing systems for planes, artificial limbs and prosthetics, and even LED’s used in our phones and monitors (NASA). The same thing would happen when either NASA or a private company decides to colonize the moon. There would be technologies developed for the purpose of colonization that could and would be put to use elsewhere in the world. Not only that but the Moon, “offers a stable and protected platform from which to observe the celestial sphere, unhampered by the Earth‘s atmosphere or radio noise,” allowing for a better and more accurate view of the observable universe (Thangavelu). Now, a moon colony might not seem like it’s economically…

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