The Apostle Of The Church Essay

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The Missionary
Many historical recordings document the lives of people who have lived the life that our greatest example, Jesus Christ, spoke that a Christian should live. Many of these people have been leaders. Some have shown themselves not full of avarice, or greed, in keeping with Christ 's rebuke from the scriptures of Luke, and have shown no interest in making the house of God a "den of thieves" (Biblegateway, 2016). The Apostle Paul is a great example of a Christian who happened to be a leader, although he never held a particular office in the Christian Church building as it exists today, of course. The Apostle performed many miracles by the authority of Jesus Christ throughout his life. The Apostle Paul was killed in Rome, Italy, circa 67 years after the birth of Jesus Christ, suffering torture, then beheading on June 29, of that year, or so it is believed (, 2016). Today 's church leaders, namely effective pastors, apparently have several traits in common, according to Christianity Today. They are loyal to God and others, they are fun, although they have a great sense of work ethic; they are aware of their weaknesses and strengths, they take initiative, love people, and are tenacious (Church Central, 2016). These traits are very admirable and excellent. Any pastor would want to have all of these. Yet, in remembrance of what Christian martyrs endured, everyone who is realistic knows that some leaders, like Apostle Paul, might never have the…

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