The Anxiety Disorder And Social Anxiety Disorders Essay

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Anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly common in society, and are characterized by common symptoms of fear over future events or the consequences of current ones. This fear is often debilitating in the afflicted person, and is a hindrance to normative behaviour. Certain anxiety disorders originate in childhood and adolescence, and they may persist into adulthood without treatment. One anxiety disorder with particularly negative implications is social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety disorders in children occur when a child exhibits an intense fear to situations where they may be perceived to be inadequate in the presence of others. This disorder, also known as social phobia, often leads to severe impairment and disruption of daily life activities; often, the child will excessively avoid any form of social interaction. The disorder is frequently categorized by the occurrence of cognitive distortions, which are self-detrimental and often inaccurate thoughts. Cognitive-behavioural therapy, commonly shortened to CBT, is a form of treatment that has been utilized to combat the cognitive distortions prevalent in anxiety disorders. This treatment works to identify the negative thoughts, and then exposes the distortion as an unrealistic possibility. Following this, techniques are taught to replace negative self-perception with positive thoughts. Behavioural applications come about by instructing the patient to reinforce positive cognitions, thereby increasing their occurrence…

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