The Anti Immigrant Policies Of The United States Essay

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Lawston and Murillo (2009), in keeping with positions voiced concerning U.S. supremacy, denounced undocumented immigrants as criminals. They claimed that while the representation of Blacks as inherently criminal and violent was erroneous, Latinos should be viewed as violent, foreign, criminal-minded, disloyal, and overrunning the border (Bender, 2003; Escobar, 2008; Gabbidon & Greene, 2005; Hernandez, 2009). Overzealous nationalists use this type of rhetoric to justify violence against marginalized populations, including the undocumented (Goody, 2009). Anti-immigrant vigilantism aims to dictate immigration decisions and dominate marginalized people, following methods designed to criminalize and control nonwhite, poor individuals (Escobar, 2008). The anti-immigrant discourses dominating the public sphere, especially during political election periods, follow the logic that the undocumented have broken U.S. immigration laws and therefore should be treated as criminals (Minuteman Project, 2005). This rhetoric creates a binary between criminal and noncriminal categories, and offers no historical context for migration trends and patterns. It also refuses to recognize the role of racism and white supremacy in the policing, criminalization, and detention of immigrants, regardless of their immigration status (Pew Hispanic Center, 2006; Davis, 2003; 2005; Escobar, 2008; Romero, 2006).
Undocumented Immigrant Workers
Gleeson (2009) stated that immigrants represent a rising segment of…

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