The Anti Hero And The Femme Fatale Essay

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After the Great Depression period, people needed a new beginning. The United States experienced a rise of prosperity where big cities such as Los Angeles were in the center. The American Dream was revitalized. In the late 1930s, the hard-boiled novel became increasingly popular, but when hard-boiled novels were later adapted as films, the films were regarded as works of Noir. The term Noir was adapted by French critics because the films featured techniques such as black and white coloring and peculiar camera angles. The Noir genre depicts a dark and hostile nature, and it has several genre conventions such as the anti-hero and the femme fatale. Since the Noir genre depicts a dark and hostile atmosphere, the prosperity experienced ambiguity. There were many who were trying to become successful in the newfound prosperity in America, but there were many who were trying to achieve success in an ignoble manner. In addition, Brian Oliver, a contemporary publicist for The Guardian, explains in his article, “I’m Not Interested in the Good Guys Winning”, that “Noir writers talk about the social and political situation right now; they react very quickly to changes in the criminal world.” During that time, Noir writers would use their work to convey the negativity that was occurring in that period as it became problematic. They used their work to provide an insight of the ongoing perceived corruption in America’s Post-Great Depression period. James M. Cain portrays the ongoing…

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