The Anti Evolution League Of America During The 1920s Essay

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It is often assumed by Creationists and scientists that the original religious reaction to Darwin 's Origin of Species was one of hostility. The infamous Huxley-Wilberforce debate of 1860 and John William Draper 's History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science (published in 1874) were certainly instances of this anti-evolution attitude, and the popularity and political power of the Anti-Evolution League of America during the 1920s is a historical fact.

The quote I’ve decided to focus on for this essay is “Because in showing them evolution in the works of God, I showed them that this was not inconsistent with religion, and thus enabled them to follow science and yet retain their faith in the Bible.” This quote, which is taken from his book Religious Aspect of Evolution, shows that James McCosh was a religious man (who also was the President of Princeton) who believed that God’s Providence was manifested, at least in part, through natural laws. This quote was found with the document “Talmadge, McCosh, Fosdick”.

To fully understand McCosh’s position, one should look at a previous book that he had published. The Method of Divine Government was published 8 years before Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. Because of his stances stated towards believing that God’s Providences were manifested through natural laws, this work paved the way for him to tentatively agree that much of Darwin’s theories were correct. Just as God’s Providence could be manifested through other…

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