The Annexation Of Texas By The United States Essays

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The Annexation of Texas

The annexation of Texas by the United States remains a controversial topic to this day. Occurring in 1845, it caused a great uproar amongst the citizens of the United States and Texas. The main question when debating the annexation of Texas is how it affected slavery. Indeed, and because the annexation of slavery served to extend the area in which slavery would be allowed, this caused a situation in which it shifted the balance of power away from the North and towards the South in relation to the question of slavery.
In so doing, it worsened the divisions which were taking place over issues such as slavery and states’ rights throughout the United States at the time. With the annexation of Texas therefor contributing significantly to the tensions between North and South, the division of the country ultimately made war with Mexico unavoidable, and worsened the divisions which would eventually bring about the Civil War around twenty years later. Therefor, while the Civil War is most often attributed to direct causes in the years prior to occurrence, explaining it fully requires going further back to the annexation of Texas. In looking at the annexation of Texas from a historical point-of-view, John Tyler began to pursue the annexation of Texas in secret in 1843 after he took over the Presidency because of the death of President William Harrison. As President, he believed that annexing Texas would allow him to stay in office and be reelected .…

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