Essay about The And The Naked Citadel By Karen Ho And Susan Faludi

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In society, more often than not, individuals are expected to uphold a certain appearance and image of themselves; men are supposed to act masculine, while women are pressured to act in a feminine manner. These expectations extend to social class systems as well; the rich and upper middle class families are always expected to accomplish greatness, while lower class families are not believed to achieve anything of value in their lifetime. If these societal values are challenged, the offender will be outcasted from society. Which eventually causes individuals to give up on identity formation and conform to societal expectations. Similarly, Karen Ho and Susan Faludi, authors of “Biographies of Hegemony” and “The Naked Citadel”, discuss the formation of identity, or lack of, in the institutions they examine. Both essays feature two different, but yet equally important, institutions; finance and military. In these institutions the authors look at the interactions between the individuals and how these systems play a role in their identity formation. Society oppresses personal identities such as class, gender, and resistance to change and promotes conformity by spreading fear of ostracization.When these identities are challenged, alienation and shame will ensue.
Societal pressures for success and class mobility is a driving force that pushes people into disregarding their search to find their identity, and instead achieve what society expects from them. In fact, that ideology is…

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