The And The Future Self Essay

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The text by Nathaniel Van Yperen, “I am Your Father: the Villain and the Future Self” talks at length about perceiving the villain of a story as a version of one’s “future self”, as in Star Wars between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Van Yperen describes Darth Vader as a villain because Luke can see himself someday turning out like his father. The concept of the “future self” can also be applied to Junot Diaz’s work, “Fiesta, 1980.” Nathaniel Van Yperen defines a villain as someone that a hero could eventually become—if they make bad decisions. It becomes clear that villains are usually regular human beings who just made some bad decisions along the road. Truthfully, anyone has the potential to become a villain if they make evil decisions, like Darth Vader’s decision to fight on the Dark Side. Van Yperen discusses the confrontation between Luke and Vader where the truth—Darth Vader is Luke’s father—is revealed. Luke is, of course, horrified to be related to someone so horrible. However, in that “…same moment, it is revealed to him what he is capable of, and what he might become” (Van Yperen, 197). It is a shocking revelation for Luke. Similarly, Diaz’s “Fiesta, 1980” is a story about a Dominican family’s housewarming party in the United States. The reader is introduced to the narrator’s father, whom called Papi. The very first thing we learn about Papi is that he is a discipliner: the narrator, Yunior, describes his father as someone who “…would have kicked…

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