The Role Of Villains In Despicable Me

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Heroes are rather cliche, don’t you think? It would be more enthralling to transform into the identity of a villain. Villains are an unconventional, powerful force to be reckoned with. Though they may not have the best intentions behind their nefarious plots, the extent they reach to realize their goals is impressive.
The hero of the film, the star of the show, the attractive man who does no wrong is respectable and appreciated. However, the hero’s motivation is typically superficial- to preserve justice. This is crucial to the order of society, however it puts me to sleep. The interesting ;;and are driven by ulterior motives unbeknownst to the public hoping to prevent them from their evil. It’s more enjoyable to realize your goals when there is an underlying situation and camouflaged nature about the victory. An example of this secrecy of motives can be seen by Gru in Despicable Me. Gru’s mother always doubted his evil abilities, so besides his mischevious intentions, he was searching for his mother’s long awaited approval. The drive of the villain is deep rooted that
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They must devise unconventional methods to advance their personal agendas filled with treachery. Villains essentially must use reverse psychology and be incredibly resourceful to deceive law enforcement, and their counterparts, the hero. They have to locate all of the loopholes and find the perfect time window and be as accurate as possible to do the deed. Another enticing quality about the role of a villain is the mysterious nature of the character. They walk among the shadows, yet everyone knows of them. They are so unpredictable, yet so infamous. People wait for the villain to strike again, but cannot foresee the next move. Their treachery is a game of chess and the villain must have the more insightful strategy. I like the duality between the elusiveness of the villain, paired with the fame of their evil

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