Essay The, And The Extinction Of The Dinosaurs And Superman And Me

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Imagine having to give a presentation in class on a topic that is completely new to you. Your research consists only of typing the topic into Google and copying down the definition that pops up, and that is it. When you go to give your presentation, you put up a slide with only that definition on it. How well do you think that presentation will go? Probably not real great because the context is missing. When one’s only focus is on the conclusion, or the answer, the process of learning, and possibly the point is totally missed. Without inquiry, there is no story, but a list of conclusions. Both Stephen Jay Gould, and Sherman Alexie explore this idea, that the conclusions are the consequence, not the essence, in their essays, Sex, Drugs, and the Extinction of the Dinosaurs, and Superman and Me.
While Stephen Jay Gould did not specifically address writing as a mode of inquiry in his essay, Sex, Drugs, Destruction, and the Extinction of the Dinosaurs, he does address the importance of analysis as a whole. Gould believes that the conclusion is not the most important part, but rather how it was derived. The first mention of his confidence with this statement is when he says that, “If the growing corps of popular science writers would focus on how scientists develop and defend those fascinating claims, they would make their greatest possible contribution to public understand.” (Gould 449). He implies that one cannot learn or understand the topic if they only know the consequence,…

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