Examples Of Reflective Essay

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My Reflective Essay For my research essay, I chose to use the inquiry method. After selecting my topic, I wrote a list of questions that I wanted answers to, so I would be more knowledgeable about my topic and hopefully discover something I didn’t already know. Suspending judgment on my findings was difficult, because I had some previous knowledge and experience with my topic. I just divorced any prior knowledge and preconceived ideas that I had and researched this topic, as if I didn’t know anything about it. By doing so, I was able to discover more about my topic than I had expected to. Concerning the revision strategy I used, I choose 13.15: Beginnings, Middles, Ends, and the Work They Do. I felt like my rough draft needed some help in the beginning (thesis) and the end. A prime example of using this strategy was how I totally rewrote my beginning. I took what I had previously wrote and moved it into the middle of my essay. I then wrote four stronger sentences that strengthened my thesis statement and spark some interest about my topic. Also, I added a few more sentences to my ending, to add some strength to it and proposed one solution that everyone could do to help improve the issue that my essay is about. This strategy was very …show more content…
Two examples of the strong points I made in my essay are when I gave the statistic that 300,000 teens are hurt and 3000 are killed each year because of texting while driving and that those statistics surpassed the number of teens injured and kill, due to drunken driving. The other eye opening statistic that added strength to my essay was when I told about how far a car can travel in 4.6 seconds, which is the average time a person takes to view a text message. Both of those stats were very shocking to

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