The And Success Of Rome Essay

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The efficiency and success of Rome was comparable to a well-oiled machine, and like machinery Rome consisted of great engineering. Though on the other hand instead of oil running through Rome it would a more apt comparison to say it is blood running through lively Rome 's veins. With this in mind, the veins that connect and always lead to the heart of Rome would have to be its roads. Also, if the roads are Rome 's veins then Rome as a living organism would have had a great immune system to repel intruders and other threats due to their advanced weaponry. Additionally, the citizens of Rome were able to be healthy, both physically and mentally, due to the luxury of available water that they were able to acquire due to aqueducts. Therefore, Rome 's success was greatly due engineering feats such as roads that connected all parts of Rome, the advanced weaponry at their disposal, and the aqueducts that enriched the lives of the people of Rome.
The roads of Rome were an integral part in ensuring that the people of Rome were connected to the capital no matter what part of the empire they lived in. An expansive empire like Rome, which "At its height, […] encompassed nearly 1.7 million square miles and included most of southern Europe," would be difficult to maintain and monitor, but with the help of roads the Romans were able to do so and as a result had a great advantage over other empires at the time. For example, roads allowed for trade between different areas so that Rome as an…

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