Essay on The And Of The Green Knight

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Gilgamesh and Sir Gawain may seem like completely different characters, they do however, share some common themes. Their journeys both lead them through initiation to higher truths and maturity with help from outside themselves. The Gods come together to ask Aruru for assistance with Gilgamesh as he has grown so strong, prideful and purely destructive. They create Enkidu, the wild man from the steppe, to tame Gilgamesh. Gawain’s journey is a result of Morgan Le Fay’s attempt to frighten Guinevere to death by the presence of the Green Knight. Gawain learns truths about the difficulty of human nature and Gilgamesh becomes a better king through learning the importance of love and friendship. So, in both examples something outside of themselves leads them on to self-discovery. Something neither of them could have done by their own will.
Both have a different definition of what honor means. Whereas Gilgamesh wants Kleos so that his great name will live on forever as a mighty renown hero and king. Gawain’s sense of honor is his duty to his king and his brothers in knighthood.
Both must face their fears of death, both must come to terms with their worldly desires, but overcoming death is Gilgamesh’s greatest challenge. Gilgamesh’s quest is for his own good. His Hubris leads him to overreach his own needs. Gilgamesh faces death repeatedly on his selfish, shameful quest for fame and immortality. Never does he fear death until he loses his friend Enkidu. Enkidu’s death is very much…

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