'Mark Twain's Character In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight'

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In the story "Sir Gawain and The Green Knight," the character of Sir Gawain is brought to life by the author whom is unknown. multiple charactors think of him as a nobile knight; he is loyal, honest and most importantly, courteous. during the story, Sir Gwain's persornality is put to the test multiple times during the story. they tell us alot about Gawain's character and the internal issues that he has. I will talk about the multiple places in the poem where we learn about Gawain, either through others or through the tests he faces. By the end of the poem, we realize that Gwain doesnt accept anything but perfection. The first time we see Gawain is when the Green Knight appears at the New Year's celebration. Gwain offers a challenge. for …show more content…
His courtesy concerned him, lest crass he appear, but more his soul's mischief, should he commit sin and belie his loyal oath to the lord of that house. Norton, 238 no matter how hard she tries,he doesnt give in. He tries so hard on remaining true to Bercilak that he is tricked into taking a girdle of green silk from her and betraying Bercilak. She persuades him to accept the girdle and keep it a secret by telling him that if he wears the girdle "no hand under heaven...could hew him down, for he could not be killed by any craft on earth." (Norton, 240) That night he does not tell Bercilak about the gift. because of this, he has betrayed his friend and broken his own morals. after all of these tests, we realize that Gwain isnt as perfect as he strives to be. he didnt mean to betray his friend but he still did. All this proves he is only human. Yet Gawain only sees that he has been inconsistent in upholding the chivalric code, and this means failure to him. he didnt hold up to the standards that he set for himself and im sure that it broke him down. Despite everything that happened, Gawain is still a loyal, nobleand honest

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