Comparison Of Sir Gawain And Lanval By Marie De France

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In comparison to Sir Gawain and the which is a celebration of medieval chivalry knight, Lanval by Marie de France is a critique of the medieval chivalry. Even though at timed Lanval shows acts that should be praised by the chivalry system, most of the story relies on mocking this system. In Lanval we see more of a mockery towards the chivalry system. One of the biggest factors that led me to conclude this was that this poem was written by a woman. Marie de France was not just any women, but she was someone who seem to oppose the oppression of men. She wouldn’t allow men to try to take credit for her work, so she would put her name on all of her work. In addition, she also wanted to receive the recognition she deserved. Knowing this of her, …show more content…
In this poem we see how a knight actually is loyal to his word. Sir Gawain actually keeps his promise to go find the green knight after a year. This a strange promise that he makes. Most people would have either taken this as a joke or would be too scare to keep this promise, but Gawain keeps it. This shows a signed of honesty in part of the knights. Furthermore, we see how Sir Gawain is a caring person. At the beginning Sir Gawain takes the challenge instead of letting his uncle do it because he cares about him. Additionally, to Sir Gawain we also see that at the beginning of the poem the king is a loving, fun, and caring king. The king shows to care a truly love his people when he denies to eat before anyone else is served and we see a fun king when he wants to be told stories. These things show a virtuous king. Someone who anyone would want as their king. In addition, Sir Gawain is described as humble and caring. Even though he is seen as one of the best knights he doesn’t brag or feel superior to others. We see this when he accepts his mistake towards the end of the poem. He decides to wear the girdle to show everyone that even knights make mistakes. He accepts his mistake instead of trying to deny it. This shows one he is a humble knight that is able to accept his defeats because he knows that he is human and is bound to make mistakes. Even though the green knight

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