Essay on The And Of The Creation Of Everyday Life

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It is the year 3000 and teleportation machines are rampant everywhere. They are the main mode of transportation in everyday life. All you have to do is step into the machine and a bright laser zaps through your body, and a ‘you’ is recreated in another machine. This new ‘you’ contains the exact same pattern of atoms and neural connections as the ‘old’ you, and the ‘old’ you is destroyed by the laser. The question to ask here is, is the ‘old’ you the same person as the ‘new’ you? The new ‘you’ is meant to be you, with the same exact consciousness and memories, but is consciousness something that can be recreated just like the atoms of a body? If one were to clone someone’s body, and this body established its own consciousness containing all the memories and ideas of the original person, then it could be said that the consciousness of the original person was copied into the clone. This would mean that both the original and the clone also have their own individual self-awareness; they would have their own consciousness. These two separate beings with their own consciousness become exactly that: two separate beings. They are no longer identical. If the clone were to die, his consciousness would end with him. It wouldn’t be continued in the surviving person, as that person would be experiencing his own memories as his own person. Derek Parfit, the British philosopher who came up with this thought experiment of teletransportation, argues that any criteria used to determine the…

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