Essay about The And Nt As An Oral Address

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Preaching in both the OT and NT is defined as an oral address to the people of God to shape their identity and style of life. Preaching challenges people to acknowledge the Lord in their lives and seek his diving will for their purpose. Freedman (2000) defines preaching as speaking the word of God, exhorting, and witnessing, while shaping the identity of the people of God. Preaching is to make a speech about religion in a church or other public place: to deliver a sermon. Preaching is an intriguing mixture of inspiration and perspiration. Preaching is a practice and art that can be studied and learned. Preaching is naming grace pointing to the power and presence of God. Preaching is to speak the word of God in a public place, proclaim it and witness it as an act of faithfulness. Preaching is the foundation for the sharing of the God’s good news, and the kḗrygma (announcing) and euangélio (evangelizing). This paper is covers preaching and everything it entails to be a preacher and share the good news. It also covers the virtues of a preacher and his/her Homiletcal habits. Preaching is a verb that leads to a purposeful action as a preacher. The NT had many preachers like John the Baptist and Jesus. John was the first preacher before Jesus began his “official” ministry. He preached in the waste land of Judaea (Mat. 3:31) and brought many people to the path of God. Jesus was also a preacher and “Jesus went about preaching and saying, let your hearts be turned from…

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