The And Mineral Resources Of The Caribbean Region Essay

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belts in the Caribbean region that are thought to be partially preserved fragments of oceanic crust (ophiolites). Other metallic mineral resources include copper and zinc in massive sulfides, copper in porphyry deposits, manganese oxide in strata-bound deposits, and tungsten vein deposits. Industrial mineral resources include volcanogenic bentonite, bauxite, feldspar, and zeolite minerals, as well as gypsum, kaolin, lime, high-grade limestone, marble, and sand. Much of the exploration and development of these deposits, with the possible exception of nickel and cobalt resources, have remained underdeveloped since the mid-60’s. For example, Cuban copper production in 1959 was approximately 4% of world copper production, but no production has been reported since 2011. Part of the drop in production and development of mineral resources on the island can be attributed to the collapse of the U.S.S.R and repeated significant storms responsible for loss of life, property, and environmental damage (i.e. 1993, 1998, and 2004) and drought (1999). In addition, limited larger scale studies show fairly extensive unexplored areas (or a lack of accessible data) compared to adjacent areas in the Caribbean region. Therefore, significant potential for trade and investment lies currently untapped in the Cuban mineral sector.” (Gray, Floyd)
Labor and Statistics Currently, the following information provides an overview of the labor and statistics in Cuba;
“Unemployment Rate in Cuba decreased to…

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