The And Mexican American Families Essay

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One of the most important institutions for a human being is the family. The family is where the individual builds up their manners, values, and morals. Family is also where socialization is mostly affected for an individual. According to Coltrane, family is defined as “a group of two or more people who reside together and who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption” (Coltrane). On the contrary, family is defined in many ways, some people define family as long past ancestors, distant family members, siblings or other blood relatives, and friends who are so close that they become honorary family members (Coltrane). Family can also imply to a specific feeling such as love and care, or it can also refer to as a negative emotion or interaction (Coltrane). Family can mean many things to people, especially to people who have different cultures, such as the Vietnamese and Mexican American families. Mexican Americans are one of the highly heterogeneous population in the U.S. Some of the Mexican Americans can trace their roots to the Spanish and Mexican settlers who first settled southwest of the U.S, before the Pilgrims arrived in New England (Becerra). With Mexican American families, there had been a wide social differentiation and cultural variation, which includes variability across regions such as Mexico and changes over time (Becerra). Throughout various historical periods, Mexican Americans have adapted differently to economic, political forces, and family socialization…

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