The And Its Effects On The World Essay

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The blur of people passed him by as he walked along the crowded street; all of them completely oblivious to the world around them. Sure they felt the heat like he did, probably cursed it even more than he was currently with most of the masses dressed in their professional attire: men in their suffocating suits and women in tight dresses and ridiculously high heels. And he wished, more than anything else, that he could be just like them, even if for only a day. How nice would it be to have nothing more to occupy his mind than the stifling heat as he shuffled along to get back to work on time after having lunch in some trendy cafe whilst thinking about sealing that important deal and making his first million?
Hell, he’d be happy just to have to worry about not burning a burger or two or washing somebody else’s car.
As he navigated a tactical path through the tight throng of pedestrians the hairs on the back of his neck rose like the hackles on a dog and a shiver ran down his spine. Something was amiss. And then he was caught in the beacon-like glare of the golden-eyed man steadily approaching him. It could just be the way the light glinted of the irises that made the stare seem so unusual - or that’s what most people would tell themselves, he was sure - but he knew otherwise and he realised that maybe being oblivious to the real world wasn’t such a great state of mind after all.
He locked glances with the man as they passed each other by and he caught the slight upward turn…

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