The And Its Effect On The Cultural Landscape Essay

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of plastic is known worldwide to cause the emission of polychlorinated in poly brominated dioxide. These are among the most toxic compounds known on earth.
Tillman stated in his research that “the establishment business corporation by Multinational Corporation has affect the cultural landscape” p.341
A lot of people are losing trace of their truce culture as a result of globalization, which has brought about by outsourcing. Culture can be defined literally as meaning, a way of life that some live that distinguish one group of people from the other, be it in their language, food, dressing, customs, traditions and beliefs. Tourism, trade and the media have changed the culture of indigenous people in developing countries through globalization. The world has become interconnected, making movement from country to another by means of improved transportation and technology. The use of English language in communication makes it easier for nations to understand each other but it also made other languages disappeared. As people lose their language so as their customs and traditions also disappear.
One cannot underestimate the facts that globalization has paved way for developing countries to learn about the democratic culture of governing its citizen but it has eroded some of the rich culture of the developing countries. Cultural erosion arise as a result of globalization through the use of technology such as the cable television and internet. People across the breath and length of…

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