Essay about The And Group Oriented Than The United States

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and group oriented than the United States. There is an African word, Ubuntu, meaning I am because we are and represents human virtues of compassion and humanity.

After class we ate lunch and then walked to the District Six Museum. The Museum is on Buitenkant Street, which is the cutoff line of the white territory according to Alan Storey. Because after the Buitenkant Street was on the edge of town, away from natural resources, like water and was designated as not quality area. However, as the town expanded, then the forceful removal of people in the District Six area occurred. Yet, people did not want to move into that neighborhood and so, it was bulldozed for no good reason. The Museum was the old Methodist Church that Alan Storey went to as a kid. The tall ceilings and stain glass remained. I immediately noticed the large map that was laminated on the floor, which illustrated the old neighborhood of District Six. The map not only showed the roads and shops, but penciled in were the families names where they had once lived.

Then, we had the privilege of talking with Noor Ebrahim, who lived in District Six and was a part of creating the Museum. According to Noor District Six was a diverse neighborhood filled with blacks, Indians, Muslims, Christians, Jews and for the most part everyone got along. Besides Noor telling us about his life in District Six, then he had Jens read a passage from his book. The short passage explained how his carrier Pigeons went back to his home…

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