The And Faster Than Light Travel Essay

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Interstellar/Faster Than Light Travel Unfortunately, the Earth will not be habitable forever, and even if we manage to avoid extinction from climate change, nuclear holocaust, asteroids or some other form of disaster, the Earth will eventually not be in our solar system’s habitable zone anymore, which is the area around our star in which liquid water can exist. According to a study done by Andrew J. Rushby, et al, at England’s University of East Anglia, “The HZ lifetime for Earth ranges between 6.29 and 7.79×109 years (Gyr)” (par.1). That’s 6.29 to 7.79 billion years, seeing how the Earth is 4.543 billion years old that gives us about 1.75 to 3.25 billion years before the Earth becomes inhabitable. According to Jérémy Leconte of the National Center for Scientific Research in France, “The increase in solar luminosity over geological timescales should warm the Earth’s climate, increasing water evaporation, which will in turn enhance the atmospheric greenhouse effect. Above a certain critical insolation, this destabilizing greenhouse feedback can ‘run away’ until the oceans have completely evaporated. Through increases in stratospheric humidity, warming may also cause evaporative loss of the oceans to space before the runaway greenhouse state occurs” (par. 1). Obviously This is a really long time away, but the lives of people in the future mean just as much to them as our lives matter to us now, and the end of the world and all life on Earth would be a horrible thing, not to…

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