Essay on The Ancient Greeks And Ancient Hebrews

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HIS 120 The history of the ancient Greeks and ancient Hebrews is very interesting. The two groups had very different beliefs concerning higher powers and what kind of gods they trusted in. The Hebrews believed in one God who ruled over them and controlled everything. The Greeks believed in multiple gods each ruling their own area of life. Fighting was a very prevalent activity for both of these groups, as it still is for many groups today. However, the reasons for fighting and violence were very different for the Hebrews and Greeks. This can be explained by comparing texts such as The Iliad and the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, which tell many battle stories of the Greeks and Hebrews. To start off, we must talk about the ancient Greeks. As it was made known earlier, the Greeks believed in multiple gods. Each god played a different role in overseeing the world. Zeus was the king of the gods, ruling over Mount Olympus. His wife and sister was Hera, the queen of the gods, along with being the goddess of marriage, women, and other things. Along with these two, there were many more gods portrayed and discussed about in the Iliad. Interestingly enough, these gods did not get along with each other. They went behind each other’s back to get their own way. This was evident in the ways in which the gods supported their favorite armies. It is important to know what the Iliad was about. It was about the war between the Greeks and the Trojans, famously known as the Trojan War. This war…

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