Essay about The Ancient And Classical Eras

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In the Ancient and Classical eras, religion played a significant role not only in everyday life but in the political sphere as well. In ancient times, many rulers derived their power from religious sources. In fact, during this period, leaders in many civilizations were viewed as divine figures themselves, giving them absolute power and leaving little room for citizens in their respective societies to affect the political scene in any meaningful way. This idea changed by the beginning of the Classical period. While religion still played an important role society during this new era, new political structures rose to prominence that allowed (at least upper-class) citizens to take part in politics and government. The time surrounding 3000 BCE marked an extremely important period in the history of humanity. During this era, the earth’s population began to move from the small farming villages characteristic of the Neolithic period towards forming full-fledged civilizations (Duiker, 9). These initial civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, and early China developed in fertile river valleys with abundant arable land. Over the next 3000 years, both the area surrounding the Mediterranean and Chinese society continued to grow, evolve, and increase in both size and sophistication. As the earliest Mediterranean civilizations and Chinese dynasties fell during the 1000s BCE, new regimes, including the Greek and Roman empires and Zhou and Han dynasties, took their place, and…

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