The Anatomy Of The Lost Cause By Alan Nolan Essay

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In the first chapter which is called “The Anatomy of the Lost Cause”, Alan Nolan showed the readers the precise events about the Southern myth, trying to show its lies and statements that are only partially true about the Lost Cause story. I think it was the best essays out of the nine because it actually obliterates the arguments of the neo- Confederates, and went into depth that not only that secession was not all about slavery. The very core main event of the myth is that it was revolving around that the war was fighting for states’ rights rather than slavery, and how the Southern army surpasses the Northern army. I think it is a very important of reading of this kind of topics for the people who are not unaware of the Lost Cause but also calling out to people, who originate the myth were accused of being incredible liars. I found this chapter was the most interesting for myself because I find it amazing how he could be able to solve the myth of the Lost Cause, almost like a mystery case, he provided the evidence and solved the case. It also provided me the overall information of how people can just believe whatever it be told like “my mind is made up” kind of deal. Together with your lectures and the essays were a perfect combination of learning about the Civil War but behind the scenes. Another chapter that is essential for the Lost Cause was the defamation of the character of Ulysses Grant and editor Gary Gallagher went on describing of how Jubal Early’s plans of…

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