Essay The Analysis National Tactic

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Danielle Kelley

The analysis of national tactic
The United States following the 9/11 attacks notice that more required for the public safety and the guarding of the United States to prevent tragic situations as such from happening again. For that reason, new concepts created to help in the efforts. The national plan, for counterterrorism also the national security tactic, will help the government also; law enforcement agencies protect society also the well-being of the United States. To make sure that the enemies of the state will ever get away with conduct like that again. In this paper, it will be discussed the reviews of a national approach, for counterterrorism also the national security tactic like comparing
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What they have in comparison is that they want to stop the terrorist, from having any hiding areas that they can go. “Will not be able to obtain any weapons of mass destruction; also ruin any association by shaming them for having any connection with the terrorist groups also start to deprive terrorist groups enable means” (National security strategy, 2011). Various strategies
These comparisons show the likeness that both, these strategies have, however, these strategies have a great assess different tactic to address the threats of terrorist groups the homeland security as federal attempt to secure national critical infrastructure assets. Homeland security agency stated there are three main categories of critical infrastructure cyber, human, also physical. Support mean data networks used to transfer various amount d data also to direct companies, industry, banking also the vast sum of society lives. Also, keep information from people that want, to use it to do illegal activity. “Also human assets refer big amount of individuals who congregate for the reason of living circumstances, working situations or social events also who need to be guarded”(2006). The homeland security attempts focus on defending groups of people, to stop a large number of losses. Lastly is physical infrastructure pass on to transportation waterways, roadway, air, etc. also manufacturing

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