The Ana Code Of Ethics Essay

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As nurses, the need to evaluate one’s values and morals is impetrative as the presence of ethical issues are persistently arising. They require one to have the knowledge and know the resources available to help address them. Ethics can be described as a “foundation for determining good and bad conduct” (Epstein & Ward, 2016). Today, nurses have the ANA Code of Ethics to help guide them through making decisions during ethical conflicts. Being familiar with these resources is necessary to making informed decisions that will align with the values and ethics we should maintain. An example of an ethical issue that may present itself in the healthcare field, is when you observe a homeless person, who doesn’t have insurance, being treated with substandard care by another healthcare worker (Maville & Huerta, 2008). In this paper the principle of beneficence, the idea that health is a universal right, and presence of unprofessional conduct will be discussed and how each of these topics relate to the given scenario.
Ethical Principle Beneficence is principle that guides us as nurses to “prevent and remove harm” (Epstein & Ward, 2016). In the chosen scenario, the nurse who is providing substandard care is not following this standard, and could potentially be causing harm to the patient. The principle of beneficence does not have any expectations as to who deserves the “good” care and who doesn’t. As the observing nurse, the responsibility to maintain this principle of beneficence…

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